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after looking at stupid political arguments on Tumblr, felt like making these.

This gif set pleases me.


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>common core
>over complicating simple things
>being misleading and sneaking in your politics
>wondering why american education is shit

Common Core also has data mining

Schools have already added Iris scanners for students to use, and also tracking ID cards students have to keep on them. As well as knowing what your religion is, what political views you have, are you gay and other very personal irrelevant information and other intrusive questions. It also inserts political views and ideologies into test and assignment questions and word problems. Global warming, presidential executives orders, rewording and changing the meaning to things like amendments in the constitution. It leaves the bureaucrats in Washington and the federal government in total control to dictate how what gets taught in schools on an unproven experimental program that comes with a hefty price tag for its uniform standard cookie cutter one size fits all approach to education, killing teacher flexibility and specialized education for individual students. Because common core is for primary school, once you enter high school, the learning curve will be steeper than it ever was before when you have to forgot common core, and do things the old way that is still used in high school, that you would have learned in primary school to begin with before common cores creation.

Initially common core was touted as being this super effective form of teaching that proved highly successful over seas, but they had to recant those claims when people here began to review it and research the claims. Then the federal government said they would not give federal funding to states that did not accept common core, forcing them to accept it if they wanted funding.

If you do not know why one of the pics is considered bad, let me know and I will explain.

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Reflections on the Bundy Standoff



If you have heard of the Bundy Farm situation and are not outraged, then clearly you have not been paying attention.

This standoff had nothing to do with cows, grass, unpaid fines, or turtles – This was entirely about the lack of respect the federal government has for the autonomy of the State (in this case, Nevada), the private property of the individual, and the Constitution as a whole.

Cliven Bundy, a 67 year old man whose family has owned his ranching land for generations, was not refusing to pay the fines he has been issued. He was just refusing to pay them to who he had been designated to pay them to – The Federal Government. Mr. Bundy believed that any money collected should be paid to the State of Nevada, or, on an even smaller level, Clark County. This is because he sees the possession of State land as being a function the Federal Government is not supposed to have in it’s capacity. Bundy’s stance was one against Government and it’s ever-expanding power over property and individual States.

Until late this afternoon, there were 200 armed boots on the ground surrounding his property, in addition to 9 snipers and 10 helicopters. These federal agents had been caught on film assaulting peaceful protestors that had come with the intention of showing their solidarity for the Bundy family. They had blocked all access to the Ranch, and for a period of time even suspended all American Constitutional rights by designating a ‘First Amendment’ corral where the protestors were supposed to contain themselves, arresting anyone caught outside of the boundaries. I’ve was told that it had been taken down after a wave of public outrage reached Washington… But the fact that federal agents had the authority to do this in the first place tells you all you need to know about their respect for the rights of the individuals there.

Surely, this was not about turtles, or a fine that may be as low as $300,000. After all, anyone with half a mind could tell you that the feds had already surpassed that fine owed in police mobilization by many, many times over. But if you were to give the Government the benefit of the doubt and believe the shtick they had been trying to sell to the media, than you could, at the very least admit that, after this bumbling display, Government can be clearly understood to be so mind-numbingly stupid an institution that to realize it is in charge of the health and safety of every man, woman and child in the United States is a thought that should strike fear into your heart had it not already been there.

What’s more concerning was the reaction from the left at the developments in this shocking and sad story. Go to any article on Mr. Bundy’s ordeal and scroll down to the comments section, and you will find waves of progressives groaning on endlessly about ‘how he broke the law’ by not paying his fines, and how he ‘deserves what he got’. Lamenting for the hippies of old is something I never thought I’d do in my life, but somehow I find myself missing the left that would have cringed at the thought of validating the violent actions of the Government against a helpless individual trying to stand up for his rights, and protect his property from being unlawfully seized.

If the Federal Government can assume control of State and individual property, suspend the rights afforded to people by the Constitution indefinitely, and react to the concern of Americans that would obviously follow the former two with unrestrained violence, all at a whim… What can’t the Federal Government do?

And that, my friends, is a thought scary as hell itself.


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That would be Mr. Clinton.

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The thing that really fucking confounds me about denying the Holocaust is it’s not like it’s some obscure event that happened hundreds of years ago. This isn’t the murder of Caesar here. It happened 70 years ago.There are Holocaust survivors alive today. You can visit the camps. It’s like a six year old stomping his foot and screaming that just because he didn’t see 9/11 happen, then it never happened at all. 

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Hillary Clinton Shoe Attack vs. George Bush Shoe Attack

George W. Bush was awesome in so many ways. His economics were terrible, but I definitely don’t regret voting for him twice. The alternative was voting for Gore and Kerry, so yeah, no regrets. I wish he didn’t suck at economics and actually vetoed a bill before the Democrats took over Congress, but politicians are a bundle of issues and no politician is anywhere close to perfect.

Bush popped back up after the first shoe with a smile like ” is that all you got?”. The second he just moves slightly still smiling. I’m sure he played baseball when he was younger so a shoe is nothing compared to a fastball brushing you back at the plate. For Hillary that shoe was the hardest thing anyone in the media has thrown at her since Bill & Monica. Since then she’s been treated like a glass princess.

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The shoe thrower was arrested . The guy who threw a shoe at bush didn’t get shit.

bush was the president .
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ObamaCARE is the LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get over it.
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So were slavery ,segregation ,and prohibition . Republicans got rid of them too.

Anon got owned. lol

This is art.

So… the enslavement of an entire race of people and legally institutionalized racism is the same as someone less fortunate not having to pay a month’s rent for an inhaler?



Since when does someone’s months rent cost only $50 to $100?  Because that’s the cost of the most common asthma inhalers on the market, Albuterol.  Do you know how much Albuterol costs under Obamacare?  Try still $50 to $100.  The only difference is that costs have shifted.  It’s a shell game and you are the sucker.

You see, just because you may not have to pay co-pays for the Albuterol, doesn’t mean you aren’t paying.  You and our premiums go to pay for that.  That’s why things are so expensive.

Do you know how much Albuterol cost a decade ago?  Try $15.  Because you have to buy a very common simple medication like Albuterol by prescription and your insurance has to cover the tab, companies can start dictating the prices because they run the market.  And when that doesn’t work they’ll just pay generic pharmaceutical companies not to make generic versions of their drug.  Obamacare only encourages this abuse of the free market system through a mixture of big name pharmaceutical companies using the FDA and regulation to their advantage.

Obamacare is a crony capitalist’s wet dream…but you know “free inhalers” or whatever crap gets you excited.

Attempted rebuttal got owned. I’m loving this. lol