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California considers insurance price controls after Obamacare forces premiums to skyrocket



There are so many layers of government corruption here, I don’t even know where to start. It’s straight up evil.

Let’s start with this from Bloomberg:


Health-care insurance premiums for individuals in California rose between 22 percent and 88 percent in 2014 from last year, even…

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1,360 innocent lives have been lost now. Those aren't just numbers. Those are 1,360 people who had dreams, hopes, career ambitions and loved ones just like you and I. Doesn't that scare you? And you STILL think the attack is justified. You know, disagreeing with Israel's use of force don't stop you being Jewish instantly. Please have a heart. Stop clinging to your Holocaust as an excuse, and recognised the one that's happening now.
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Now answer me this, how many of those people were actually killed by Israel and not Hamas? Just out of curiosity.  Because I can tell you that Hamas just this week executed over 50 of their own people, and that’s not even the tip of it iceberg. 

The attack is justified because the IDF isn’t trying to harm civilians, its trying to destroy Hamas, if you don’t know that fact, then that scares me. 

I am not clinging to the Holocaust, but thank you for your ignorance. This isn’t about the Shoah. And if anyone is carrying out a genocide against the “Palestinians” Its Hamas. Take it up with them. 

I AM CAPTAIN ISRAEL!!!! I S R A E L!! Just because you show up and harass me will not magically transform me into the Captain of an Imaginary country. 

I stand with Israel because Jews right now, thanks to your buddies in Europe, have nowhere else to go where people won’t draw swastikas on synagogues, or shout gas the Jews…..they go to Israel, the one and only Jewish nation. We have a right to our own country and we have a right to defend it against terrorism. Don’t like it? TOO BAD! 

i HAVE A HEART. I have a heart for the poor Israelis having to live under the threat of Hamas, I have a heart for my family in Israel, and I have a heart for those  IDF boys, (and i probably know some of them over there). I also have a heart for the people that Hamas kills and doesn’t care about. Now where is your heart? 

OP has started with a false premise that needs to be debunked. That 1000+ death toll number is wildly inaccurate as it fails to take into account 3 things:

  1. That Hamas are the ones reporting the numbers and they have found duplicate names on the list as well as the names of people who are still alive. This shouldn’t be a surprise because the Palestinians have a long history of faking deaths and injuries for news coverage.
  2. Many of the dead come from the fact that the Palestinian rockets are hitting their own people.
  3. The Palestinians had the opportunity to build bomb shelters for their people but instead used the cement to build terror tunnels to kill and kidnap Israelis.

So yeah, general rule of thumb is to not beleive any news that comes from Palestinian sources as they have zero credibility.

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A question to my followers and others. Do most associate American nationalism with racism?


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You seem cool :)
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Thanks, right back at ya.

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VIDEO: Will This Comment from Democrat Bob Beckel Get Him Kicked Off the Air?

On one hand I’m all for free speech, on the other hand Beckel is an asshole who has made rude comments for years and I would love it if he was ejected from The Five. I’m not sure which side to root for here.

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‘Big Bang’ star Mayim Bialik helps send bulletproof vests to IDF



“The Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik explained Wednesday why she is helping send bulletproof vests to the Israel Defense Forces.

The Jewish actress and outspoken supporter of Israel wrote a brief blog post Wednesday afternoon, titled “Why I Donated Money to Send…

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Why dont they just round up Hamas? 1. International pressure. 2. Irresponsible media coverage. 3. Incompetent leadership of western powers. 4. civilian casualties must be minimised as much as possible 5. the terrorists are underground. its still not yet known how extensive the tunnels are. 6. foreign powers would grant asylum to any that survive, as is the case with Qatar which incidentally is harbouring the leader of Hamas iirc. 7. UN is biased against Israel and undermining the war effort
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YES!!! Agreed!!! THANK YOU

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Ok, here is what I don't get (excuse my ignorance) but why doesnt Israel just destroy Hamas rockets and take any and ALL materials that can be used to make one? And how many Hamas members are there? Why not round em all up and end them?
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I think its too complicated, right now they’re targeting Hamas sites. I wish too that they would like…send Mossad in or something to take care of this once and for all, but it might also be global pressure. Everyone is pushing Israel to play nice with these dickheads. 

That and most of the rockets are not built by Hamas but sold to Hamas by Iran and until recently Syria and Egypt. In fact the fall of Egypt and Syria is one of the reasons Hamas escalated its attacks; basically they lost 2 of their sugar daddies and decided to throw everything they had at Israel. Israel knew Hamas was at its weakest both because of the loss of 2 of their sponsors but because some of the Palestinians have started to turn on Hamas, and have decided to try and end Hamas once and for all.

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People with differing ideas from you are still people. You still need to respect them as people.
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I refuse to respect National Socialists, fascists, and nazi’s as people, because they have consciously chosen to be monsters. 

They have consciously chosen to wish death on people for their race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, and have consciously chosen to be proud of the deaths, beatings, and torture of those people, and in fact have taken it upon themselves to look at doing these things to people as something to be proud of. 

Oh, you do charity work? Good for you, you’re still scum because you think the Holocaust is the greatest thing to ever happen. You’re a good parent? Sorry, still scum because you’re also teaching your children that your ideals and rhetoric of hate. 

Respect them as people. 

You fucking kidding me? 

Tell that the the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma, homeosexuals, Jews, opposing political party members, and others that were imprisoned in around 20,000 camps the Germans established. Tell that the the people Menegle experimented on. Tell that the the Soviet POWs that were shot and gassed at Majdanek. 

Oh wait, you can’t. Because only a small fraction of the people sent to these camps survived. 

And you want me to respect the people that want to bring this back? Who view this as the best thing that could ever happen? Who want to go out into the streets at night and reenact the Night of Broken Glass? 


Not happening. 

Hell yeah, man. Right there with you.

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Is the coldest summer in American history . How about that global warming ?