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According to a new report, the web site has cost taxpayers a staggering $1.7 billion dollars. To put that into perspective, here is a list of a few other things that cost less than this web site.

Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Estimated cost: $97.3 million (in 2014 dollars)


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Former Marine Left With ‘Life-Threatening Injuries’ After Being Warned Restaurant Wasn’t a Safe Place for Whites: Witness



NOT a HATE CRIME??? Seriously?

Al & Jesse where are you?  Sounds like a HATE crime to me

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Dan Joseph explains how the protests in Ferguson are the same old song and dance that liberals have been performing since the 60’s.  It’s all politics as usual, not social change.

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They’re still saying ISIS is controlled by the CIA. So the executive office is at war with the CIA?

[stu[id] people are citing the arming of certain Syrian rebel groups as proof that the CIA is behind ISIS.

Of the people who claim this, none have actually been to syria during the war. I have. Let me explain.

We are providing training, funding, and covert arming to professionally organized, well lead, and non-extremist groups of rebels from bases in Jordan. Most of these fighters are either defectors from the army, or are foreign fighters with a western education. One such militia even has well-kept uniforms, and their own orderly bases, complete with bunk beds in the barracks and designated areas for different activities. These are the people we are funding, not IS/ISIS/ISIL. 

If you can’t distinguish between two radically different groups of people, just because they’re fighting in the same war and are both Arab, isn’t just paranoid, it’s blind bigotry. 

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So Suge Knight got shot in a night club

Is anyone at all surprised about this.

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i know, it was just so great to see that show present that. i love american dad because it makes fun of liberals and hippies a lot. Stan, the main character, is a conservative. its lots of fun :)
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is it like family guy? to me those shows make us look bad. 

Especially in the early going American Dad was non stop conservative bashing but as the show (and Seth Macfarlane) matured they moved away from that and the show’s quality improved significantly. It still does the occasional conservative bashing but now it’s only once a season or so as opposed to the first couple of seasons where it was every episode.

It’s still nowhere near as good as King of the Hill which is most definitely a conservative friendly show.

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BREAKING: Friend Admits That Mike Brown Attacked Officer, Who Will Now Be Cleared Of Charges




^^^ Will this be ignored by tumblr?

Let’s be clear.
Self defense is not ever murder.
Murder is not ever self defense.

Let the man go and get back to work.

Self-defense is never murder.Murder is never self-defense.


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Speaking of which are just capitalists being particularly vocal or is there this huge stigma with socialism in the states? And why is reaching first world standards equated with socialism so often anyway?
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The conservatives are terrified of socialism because they have a huge stake in capitalism, since their campaigns are funded by huge corporations. It’s also an after-effect of the Cold War, because in a lot of minds, socialism and communism are the same thing, and since we virulently hated the USSR, we have to hate communism. There’s just a lot of misunderstandings about it.

Maybe some of this is true (I wouldn’t be surprised if some older establishment Republicans only care about the funding and fearmongering about communism), but most conservatives dislike socialism because they support small government and less government intervention in people’s lives. And socialism pretty much requires large government in order to work well.

That is true too, although I don’t think any prominent conservatives are actually for a small government. Since they advocate for restrictions on who can get what kinds of health care, who can get married, who can vote, that sort of thing. Not to mention the military.

The health care thing actually has a lot to do with wanting small government. Conservatives are typically against publicly-funded health care because the cost is then footed by other people and gets the government deeply involved in personal health decisions.

I’ve never heard of conservatives trying to restrict the right to vote, unless you’re talking about the Voting ID thing, which I’m not entirely sure about myself. There has been a decent amount of voter fraud in the most recent elections, which is the reason for recent support of ID laws.

The marriage and military things are definitely points of hot debate right now. I know there are a lot of conservative politicians who individually don’t care about gay marriage, but the party as a whole is very influenced by older constituents and donors who are still strongly anti-gay. 

I do think it’s a problem that a lot of prominent conservatives are selectively for small government (as in, they’re only for less government involvement in the economy and certain social issues but still bolster the military, police, etc), but I’m also not conservative so I can’t say for sure whether that is changing or not.

As an older conservative on this site I’ll throw my two cents in here. liberscarian is right that conservatives generally prefer small government over large government because small government benefits more people. The larger the reach of government, the more harm it causes. As for the other points:

First off Conservatives don’t want restrictions on who can vote, this is race mongering by the democrats trying to say that conservatives want to prevent blacks and latinos from voting. Yes conservatives want voter ID laws but that is only because of the rampant voter fraud in certain swing states like Ohio.

As for health care, conservatives want everyone to have access to health care which is why we oppose Obamacare. Obamacare raises healthcare costs and make it harder to get treatment by driving doctors out of business, Obamacare is causing people to die. Not to mention that most conservatives believe that Obamacare is blatantly illegal and unconstitutional.

Gay marriage is an issue that is changing. Most conservatives are pro-civil unions but gay marriage is a touchy issue because of a fear of the slippery slope argument (that legalizing gay marriage could lead lead to bigamy and bestiality) and the religion component. However I will point out that there are many religious Democrats who also oppose gay marriage particularly in the south so this is a touchy issue in both parties.  Eventually though pretty much everyone knows that Gay Marriage will be legalized it’s just a matter of when and by whom. The only reason Obama hasn’t done it yet is because the southern democrats and very religious latinos would turn on him faster than he could blink and the Dems can’t afford to lose them.

As for the military the general feeling is that is one of the few things that the government is actually supposed to be doing. Yes there is some waste and that needs to be gotten rid of, but when the military is allowed to unleash its full power it works. The problem is when politicians tie the military’s hands like Obama continually does.

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Ferguson’s starting to feel a lot like this.